We Are Off To Israel

We Are Off To Israel
So long Canada Shalom Israel

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The lowest point on Earth did not mean a low day

Today we traveled down to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on the Earth.

Atop Masada

Jeremy, our guide, told the compelling story of the Jews who fled the destruction of the Second Temple. He challenged us to see how we might respond in a situation that required us to fight and die for our Jewish beliefs. "We felt the story of Masada was very interesting." "It gave me a different perspective than previous knowledge." "What would I do on Masada? I truly don’t know.”

Our day at Ein Gedy.

Today was “a completely new experience. The Dead Sea and mud were very cool. It was something that can only be done in this place and few others around the world”. “The smells at Ein Gedy were terrible.”

And now back to pilgrim or tourist:

“I feel that I am a pilgrim because I have so many things to learn about myself and I feel I will learn it from coming here.” “I believe that slowly I am becoming more of a pilgrim. When I first came to Israel I was really excited that I had the chance to make my own experience. Now I feel more like a pilgrim because my specific reason is to find the holiness and spiritualness in myself and Israel.”

One final question:

“How will this experience effect my life? This trip has given me knowledge and understanding of many different cultures and how they relate to each other.”

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