We Are Off To Israel

We Are Off To Israel
So long Canada Shalom Israel

Monday, March 14, 2011

Questions of the day

From the Ayalon Institute

Could you imagine yourselves being passionate about something to drop everything in your life to go underground and make ammunition for the Jewish people to fight for a state?

"I think I could see myself being so passionate about something that I would do something extreme for that cause. However, at this point in my life I'm not sure what that cause would be. Still, I think I'm a very passionate person so I do believe that I would be able to drop everything I was doing in my life for something I believed in."

"I am not exactly sure whether I would be able to stop everything that I am doing at one point and change my whole life. I think I would feel bad with stopping my life because I would would have gone through so much to get that far, but I would have to say that I would probably stop everything. To have that feeling that I am really helping my nation/country, it would be very honourable. But honestly, it would be very, very, very hard to decide.”

“No, I could not be so passionate to, at the age of 18, go underground for 3 years an build ammunition because it would take a lot of thought to want to stop everything and to not follow my dreams and instead put my life at risk while others aren’t.”

“Given the right causes, I would go to any length to protect a cause that I live by.”

From the archeological dig dating from the period just before the Maccabees (160s BCE)

Do you think this experience will impact the next time to celebrate Chanukah?

“I feel that digging in the caves impacted my Chanukah for next year because it helped tie some loose ends in my mind about the story of the Maccabees and my understanding. I will probably think about the archeological dig this coming Chanukah.”

“I think this years’ Chanukah will have more importance to me because I feel a stronger connection.”

“Last year’s Chanukah was the same, nothing changes. We gather as a family, light the candles, and talk. I think for the Chanukah coming it will be the same.”

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